Sunday, 13 September 2015


During the month of August I had the privilege of writing the PRC Blog (here). I discovered that writing about my running was a great way to get through a run without hating it. When you're thinking about all the things you can write about, it's easier to not notice all the crappiness that often accompanies a run. I also discovered that my running exploits resonated with many others. I have had requests for more blogs and after today's events, I think it's time to get back to sharing my experiences with you all.

If you've read my previous blogs, you'll know that I am running the Huffin Puffin Relay on September 27th. After test running leg one on Labour Day, we planned to run the 10k leg two today. I picked up Renee and we met our newest running buddy Lori at Bowering Park before heading down to the Boulevard to start our run.

As is our habit, by the time we reached the start, we (Renee) had changed our planned route and distance.

There were several reasons for this change.

#1 - All the other people who planned on running with us could no longer make it.

#2 - I wasn't feeling the best due to events that involved a late night, delicious beverages and a hot tub.

#3 - Renee's toe was about to fall off.

#4 - Lori is new and easily persuaded.

Let me elaborate on #3. Renee did something to her toe and it was so swollen she could barely walk. Yet, she figured she could run 10k without any problems. I would have been home on the couch watching Border Security and eating the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms.

But we decided to try the run anyway. After 0.16k Renee couldn't go any farther. She took the key to my vehicle and went to wait while Lori and I did one lap of the lake, which was just under 4k. Not the 10k we had planned, but as I mentioned before, sometimes it's okay to stray from your running schedule.

When we rejoined Renee, she had decided that it was time to go to the hospital. Renee asked us to drop her off at the ER but, being the good friends we are, Lori and I decided to stay with her. Plus it was too good an opportunity to miss.

Problem #1. We were pretty sure that hospital parking meters were active even on the weekends. We were in our running gear with no change.

Solution: Drive around the parking lot until someone leaves and hope they still have time on their meter.

Problem #2. Nobody was leaving the hospital.

Solution: Drop Renee at the door and drive up the street to find a meter that wasn't active on weekends.

We spent the next hour in the waiting room discussing the possible outcomes of Renee's injury. Renee was hoping amputation wouldn't be an option. I was rooting for the boot. I think Lori was wondering what she had signed up for.

You can only sit in a waiting room for so long before you start to go stir crazy. It was decided that if I went to get tea for Renee, she would most likely get called in to see the Doc the minute I was out the door. I brought Lori to her car and went to Tim's. Renee went in to see the Doc before we made it across the parking lot.

With the tea delivered, the waiting continued. And the best way to make the waiting end and have the Doc show up is to do this:

The Doctor came in within seconds.

For those of you that find yourself in a similar situation, but sure to introduce yourself as a friend, or a running buddy, not a partner in crime. It causes all kinds of awkwardness.

Fortunately, the Doc did not have to amputate any appendages. Unfortunately, he recommended no running for a week. And no boot. Although, he seemed game to write a prescription for one if I really wanted it. He would probably make a great addition to our running group.

And that's where our adventure ended. But if history is any indication, I'm sure our next run will have its own memorable events.

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