Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Not So Serious Training

It's been a crappy running week.

I don't mean that the running has been awful, just that there hasn't really been any running. Not since Renee's impromptu visit to the ER.

Last Tuesday it was raining and we all know that Sugar doesn't run in the rain, which means I also don't run. Sugar did do a stint on the treadmill though and guilted me into going on the recumbent bike to keep him company. I also don't love the bike but at least I can sit there with my tablet watching Scott and Bailey on Netflix while giving the impression of working out.

I missed Thursday night's group run because of the kid's curriculum night at school. Having to do anything kid related gets you an automatic pass on running activities. Not sure if you all knew that but it's true. It one of the benefits of having little people in your home. You can blame just about anything on them and no one questions your sincerity.

Then the Saturday morning run was preempted by a Friday night open bar wedding complete with fries, dressing and gravy at midnight. I don't think I need to elaborate on this one.

By this point I was starting to feel guilty about not running. Or more accurately, about eating and drinking like I was on vacation and doing nothing to counteract the calories. I sent Renee a message and suggested we go for a run Sunday afternoon when we were finished marshaling at the Terry Fox Run. She agreed, as long as it was 5k. Sounded perfect.

On Sunday, Renee showed up at the TFR in her running gear, ready to go for a run as soon as we were done. I showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. Somewhere in my brain I had thought it made sense to go home and change instead of being ready to go straight after marshaling. We had a discussion and we* decided that we would wait and run on Monday instead.

Monday it was raining. A lot. I was helping out at Renee's place of business in the morning and I think the first two sentences we spoke to each other were, "It's raining - we're not running in this are we?" and "Not a chance."

Apparently "Not a chance" = "Definitely".

Since there were only three more group runs before the Huffin Puffin and we still hadn't run the route for the second leg of the relay, we decided that tonight was the night.

I met Renee at the Boulevard just after 5pm. I had my reflective arm bands, G2, Rice Krispies and my mind prepped for the Mount Everest incline towards Bowering Park.

A little side story before I continue. On Sunday, Renee and her daughter gave me a little present when they arrived at the Terry Fox Run.

Funny, yet awesome.

I was particularly happy to have these on Monday evening when I discovered that the homemade versions I had made had mysteriously disappeared. Sugar suggested that in future I should bag them and hide them where he couldn't find them.

Back to the run.

As usual, we made a couple stops for photo ops along the way.


We also decided to take a shopping break at Biped. This obviously wasn't well thought out. Running up Waterford Bridge Road carrying shopping bags isn't exactly ideal. But we got the shirts we wanted so we didn't mind looking a little odd to everyone who drove past.

We finished our 10k-ish run in the dark and I have to say, the route wasn't as bad as I had envisioned. Sure there are some hills but there are a lot of flat parts too. So for anyone else doing leg 2 (or 4) don't stress about it. Think of it as just another run and you'll do great.

*While I would like to blame this change in plans on Renee, I have to take the heat for this one. She was ready to go. I was a wimp.

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