Thursday, 31 March 2016

Donkey Kong

It's on. It's on like, well, you know.

I've been AWOL for a while now. From the blog, the gym, exercise in general. You see, I have been in vacation mode for quite some time. Normally the week before vacation begins I let my food/beverage guard slip a little and start the celebrating early. The same thing happened this time around only it happened about a month in advance.

And then there were the two weeks of vacation. I had every intention of working out at least four times. I managed one run. It was 5k and for the first time in the history of the world I was visibly sweating. Maybe I was working harder than I have ever done before. More likely it was because it was 30 degrees.

I did try and not overeat and I took the stairs most of the time, which on a cruise ship is a feat in itself. I must have done something right because I managed to come home the same weight I was when I left. For now I will ignore the fact that I put the cruise weight on BEFORE I even left home.

But now I'm back and it's time to get serious. I've scrolled back through My Fitness Pal data and calculated that I am currently 16.4 lbs heavier than my lowest recorded weight. I'm at a place where I swore I would never be again.

I've got my support team to keep me accountable and now that we've registered for a couple of local races, the girls seem to be ready to get serious too. My gym membership is up and I'm heading back outside to the group runs. It's time to get my butt back in gear and hopefully in my now slightly snug pants.

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