Monday, 4 April 2016

Dionne Warwick

The problem with making your friends register for a half marathon is they then think they have the right to make you register for other races of their choosing. When the registration date for the Tely 10 was announced the girls made sure I knew about it and informed me that I would be registering along with them. I hated to disappoint them but I had to tell them that I wasn't going to be available to register since I would be about 10,000 miles up in the air headed to the sunny south and hopefully by the time I returned, the race would be sold out. 

Not to be deterred, Paula offered to complete the registration for me and the others while they were at work. She's like our own personal Dionne Warwick.

Of course, I had decided last year as I sat on the sidelines watching all the racers go by that I would definitely do the Tely this year. Not being a part of the experience, not having a story to tell makes you say stupid things out loud in the presence of those who won't let you forget. Things like "I'm definitely doing this next year."

So while I sat in the airport, waiting for my connection, I get the confirmation from Paula that she has completed my registration.

This just got real. Real fast. 

My bib is number 46. Renee, Lori and Paula are 49, 53 and 62 respectively. I guess Paula wanted to make sure we made it in under the 4000 or so registration cap.

As of today I have 110 days left to prepare for the 16 km race. Yes, 16 km. Many first time racers think the Tely 10 is a 10 km race but I am wise to the fact that it is a 10 MILE race, created 89 years ago when we were still part of the Dominion. I've done the race before so I know what to expect. But that doesn't stop my stomach from lurching every time I think about it.

But it's exactly what I need to get me back on track with my running. There is no better way to encourage a runner to run than to have them register for a race. Having that goal gives you sometime to work towards and I know I've got a lot of work ahead of me. I also know that I can do it - me, the girls and a batch or two of Rice Krispie cookies.

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