Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Tely Train of Thought

It's Tely morning. 6 am.

Do I get up now or wait for the alarm to go off? I'll get up. It's not like I'm going to get back to sleep.

Should I still wear my singlet? It's foggy out there. Might be coolish. Don't want to be cold at the start line. Let's check the forecast. 16 degrees. That's 26 degrees once I start running. I'll stick with the singlet.

I should eat breakfast first, give it time to digest. A bagel and a banana should be good. And a Rice Krispie square. Get the rocket fuel in before I run. Should I have tea? I'll have to pee 10 times if I do. Maybe I'll just have a small cup. Use one of those teacups I have that are covered in dust in the cupboard. Yeah, let's do that.

I should put Body Glide on my feet today, just as a precaution. Don't want to get blisters. Should I wear my hat? It makes my head hot, but it blocks the sun from my eyes. But there's no sun right now and the forecast says not to expect any until after 10 am. I'll be finished running by then. No hat. I wish I had a visor like Sue or Ironman. Maybe I'll get one at the Maritime Race Weekend Expo.

I just made tea in the biggest mug in the house. Oh well, maybe I should wear a Depends under garment today.

I have one million messages from the girls. They are a little freaked out about getting to the race on time.

It's 7:35. Time to head to the start line. I'll park near Coffee Matters and walk up the trail with Sugar.

Hey, there's Ed doing a warm up run along the trail. He's stopping to have a chat.

It's a short walk, but that was a lot of talk about poop.

I wonder where the girls are? Text says in the 2 hour corral in the middle. There they are. Paula looks terrified. I'm sure she'll do fine.

There's the gun! And we're going...nowhere. Am I running for time? I don't know. Depends on the heat. And how I feel as I get going. Ok, here we go, a slow walk to the start mat. Push start on my phone. Let the fun begin! Don't start out too fast! Slow it down. You don't want to burn out too quickly.

I think it's starting to rain. No, I was wrong. It's starting to pour. Everyone's laughing. At least we're all good humored about it.

The weather man lied. That's the sun right there, beating down on my hatless head. I'm spending all day Friday before the half marathon shopping at the Expo in Halifax this September. I'm going to buy several visors. Maybe I'll buy some Bermuda shorts too because I'm going to end up with runner's tan. Tan lines just about the knees. Looks real nice with regular shorts and bathing suits.

I think I've lost the girls. Should I try and find them or keep going? I think I hear Renee talking. Maybe they're closer than I think.

Oh look, there's my parents! Smile and wave. No kids. Guess they're smart and stayed in bed.

I wonder if Aaron will be out taking pictures today. Better practice my running smile.

Kilometer three! I have the cold sweats. That's not a good sign. That means heatstroke. I think I better slow down for a bit. Don't want to be delusional by kilometer five. Although there's a good argument to be made that I'm already delusional since I'm running in this humidity.

That's a better pace. More to the beat of Thin Red Line. Alan Frew, I'm depending on you to keep me going. Shadows fall over me. 

There's Kim P passing me again. She's really rockin' it! She's really improved with her running since last year.

Water station up ahead. I think I'll be okay with my Gatorade. Plus there are one million people there in desperate need of fluids. The cups hitting the ground sound like someone is making Jiffy Pop. I wonder if you can still buy Jiffy Pop? I like popcorn. Maybe I'll have some when I get home.

Kilometer five! Time for Rice Krispies! Yes, lady, I'm eating cookies while I run. And they're delicious.

That's a big line up at the porta potties. And it's all women. Except for that one guy who doesn't realize all the other guys are standing in the woods behind him. If I could stand in the woods I'd stop now too. That giant mug of tea has turned my insides into a water bed full of jumping children.

Over and over, Her shadow falls over me.

Half way there. Gatorade. Cookies. It's HOT. H-O-T. Hot. hOt. hoT. HOt. hOT. HoT.


All for the thin red line.

I wonder if they'll have the hoses spraying at the fire station? I could use a cool down. Gotta try and keep my feet dry though. They're already wet from the rain and I can feel hot spots forming. I predict blisters.

I'm sure I just heard Renee again. She probably yelling at her brother. I still don't see her though. I can't stop to look or I'll never start again.

So many people walking now. The heat is ridiculous. Glad I have my fuel belt. A lot of people have nothing with them. I would still be in Paradise if I wasn't drinking every kilometer.

I love Cornwall Avenue. It has trees and shade. Think I'll run on the right where the sun can't find me. Shadow falls over me.

Another water station. More Jiffy Pop. I should go to Sobeys on the way home and see if they still sell it. Should pick up a few other things while I'm there. I think tea bags are on sale. Think I'll take some water this time and pour it over my head. I wonder how much further to the PRC pit stop? I could use a cold sponge right about now.

There's Aaron. Saw him too late. He probably already has my picture and I'm guessing I'm not smiling. Hopefully I don't look too much like death. Or insane.

Gina can't be much farther. I can see yellow! Bring on the candy and the sponges! Sorry lady, I think I just sprayed you with sponge water! My bad.

That kid has a sign that says 2.5 kms to go. Is he trustworthy do you think? He looks innocent enough but you never know.

The crowd of spectators is getting bigger. That means I'm definitely nearing the end. Good thing too cause my hip is starting to ache. And my legs.

There's the turn to Bannerman Road. Not yet. Still too far out. Wait for it. Wait for the right moment. Don't get caught up in the sudden rush of people going past you.

There's Newly Engaged Ryan offering me water. I'm too close to the finish to slow down now. Now! Go now. Increase your stride. Pick up the pace.

There's the clock. What does it say? I need to get closer or else get glasses - it starts with a one! I'm under two hours. PB! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!

Over. Done. Dying. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Medal. Water. Banana. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Yellow. Go. Eat. Drink. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Tree. Shade. Stop. Stretch. Breathe.

Where's Sugar? Wonder how he did. Batman is sitting on the ground and can't get up. There's Renee! I wonder how Paula is doing? And where's Lori?

Everyone is discussing their time. Mine is one hour something. I didn't even look at the other numbers when I saw that I was under two hours.

There's Paula and Collette! Paula has her knee bandaged and she's in tears. Joy or Pain? Maybe both. Maybe more pain than joy. But she crossed that finish line upright.

We did it. All four of us got a PB. Well, since it was Paula and Lori's first Tely, the automatically get a PB, but myself and Renee also beat our previous times. And of course, like all crazy runners, we're already talking about "when we do this next year". I wonder when registration opens?

My Results: 1:49:53 (chip time). 12:36 faster than 2013
Team Results: Rice Krispies placed 6th (out of 6 teams)

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