Monday, 15 August 2016

It's the Final Countdown

Running Calendar

Week of August 14 - 2 groups runs + 18 K training run (3)
Week of August 21 - 2 group runs + 19 K training run (3)
Week of August 28 - 2 group runs + 20 K training run (3)
Week of September 4 - 2 group runs + PRC Five and Dime (3)
Week of September 11 - 2 group runs + MRW Half Marathon (3)
September 18 to October 15 - C2C training (12)
October 16 - C2C (1)
October 17 - quit running

The countdown is on. Cue Europe.

By my calculations I have 28 more runs left to complete before I can quit.

Ok, maybe I won't actually quit, but my life will stop revolving around running. I won't be getting up early on my one day off to go on a long run. I can stop pouring over Google maps, looking for routes that end near a coffee shop. I can spend a Friday evening out with friends and not leave early because I have to run in the morning. I can miss a run and not feel like I have to make it up. Basically, I can stop thinking about running altogether. 

But until then, the training continues. 

There are 32 days left before the half and it's getting harder to schedule the Rice Krispie long runs together. Luckily there are enough PRCers doing long runs that we can join in with them if our schedules allow. And sometimes, other PRCers are able to join us.

Take this week for example. Renee was working and Paula was on vacation so on Sunday morning I met Hardcore Lori and Roller Derby Amanda at Peter Barry Duff for a 17 km run. We set out on a route that I chose because it had a couple of nice hills. I figured if I have to train, might as well train for both the half and C2C at the same time. 

It was a bit of an odd route - lots of side roads and backtracking that caused a bit of confusion and the possibility of getting lost. The two major hills were horrible and I had to stop myself from thinking that they weren't even half the length of the ones we'd see at C2C. Maybe I will quit after all. It's the only way to make sure I never register for another race again.

Hills aside, the run was a success. Amanda, who is a much faster and stronger runner, ended up running 19 km because of all the running back and forth she did making sure we were still nearby and not lost on a side street somewhere. Myself and Lori finished our 17 with no ill effects which continues to make me confident that the half will be just as successful.

My FitBit was pretty pumped about the whole thing too. 17 km is now my longest distance and I know that adding four more clicks won't be a problem. Sorry 4.1. Can't forget that point one.

32 days and counting!

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