Monday, 11 April 2016

Flat Out

The highly anticipated first race of the season is here - The Boston Pizza Flat Out 5k hosted by ANE. I had no plans of registering for this race. I didn't want to give up the only morning of my weekend when I could sleep past 7 am. But Paula had other plans for me.

Last year, Paula ran the Flat Out 5k and she wanted to run it again this year to try and beat her previous time. Lori and Renee registered so it was only a matter of time before I felt guilty and joined in.

In the weeks before the race we had lots of discussions on the possibility of beating Paula's chip time of 39:15. I knew it wouldn't be a problem. Paula was a little worried because she had been having pain in her shins and thought it would affect her ability to run like she wanted. It was decided that she needed new sneakers.

She found a pair at SportsChek and was excited to try them out at the next group run. We were only a kilometer in when the pain returned. I could tell she was disappointed but she figured she'd give the shoes one more try.

Before the next group run, she gave her shoes a little pep talk.

Whatever she said seemed to work, because she was able to run farther before the pain returned. By the time we ran the Flat Out practice route, she was cruising along just fine.

Our practice time was 37:53, which was very encouraging. I knew it would probably be even better on race day.

And it was.

Despite the rain and the belief that we were going to die, Paula and I crossed the finish line together at 36:18 (chip time of 36:02). For a while, I was a little concerned that Paula might not make it. With only about 300 meters to go she looked pale, like she might have to stop and throw up. Or pass out. Or request an oxygen mask. I had visions of holding back her hair on the side of the road while she tossed her cookies over my shoes and demanded that I drag her over the finish line.

But she pushed on and stepped over the mat, upright and stomach contents in tact. Two seconds later she looks at me with a big smile and says, "That was so much fun!!"

All three of my running buddies got a PB at the Flat Out. Lori's chip time was 27:23 and Renee's was 35:43. I am very proud of them all.

Now, who's up for the Harbour Front 10k???

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