Monday, 2 May 2016

Happy Runniversary Batman

This past week marked the one year runniversary of an 8 km run I did with Batman. One year ago, while the majority of PRCers were training for half and full marathons (and myself and Batman were having none of it), I asked Batman if he would like to go for an 8 km run. He said yes and the rest is history.

The problem was, I completely forgot about it. It was our first runniversary and I didn't even realize. Batman, however, had not forgotten. To celebrate, he asked me to run the distance with him once again. He organized a little running party and included some of my closest running friends. We all set out together and ran the same 8 km route we did last year, reminiscing along the way about how we had both run faster than normal trying to keep up with each other. Batman stuck by my side for the majority of the run this year but eventually realized that wearing shorts on such a cold evening and running slower than usual weren't a good combination. But he was there, waiting for me, at the end of the run, making sure I survived.

Running more than 5 km hasn't been something I've been doing much of lately. With the exception of an 8 k I did with the girls mid April and an 8 k I did with Sugar on Saturday, the last time I ran any distance was the Turkey Tea 10 K last October. But that's going to change very soon, now that we are about to start our half training.

Paula has been wanting to do a long run for several weeks. Just last night she suggested that we run the trail from Coffee Matters in Paradise to Tim's on Water Street this Saturday. It's about 13 k. It's not that I'm against running the distance, but I think going from 5 k to 13 k in one week is a bit of a jump, even if we have run that far before. I don't want to end up injured, or worse, like Barney Stinton. (Click here to watch)

I'm looking forward to doing a few more 8's this week to get my body used to distance running again and I've got Paula, Sugar and Batman to thank for it. They have all spurred me on to run a little farther than I have been and It's a great feeling to know that I can still do it. I know we'll have no trouble at the Harbour Front 10 k.

Hey Batman, think next year we could add a second runniversary on the Harbour Front? 10 k, you don't have to wait for me and I promise not to forget. Better hurry though, only 104 spots left!

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