Monday, 9 May 2016

Let The Training Begin!

Today is the first official day of our half marathon training, but since it's a rest day I'll tell you all about the 8.5 k run I did on Friday instead.

I think the realization that the Tely is only 11 weeks away is kind of freaking Paula out. She keeps suggesting long runs that we should do. So far we've been successful in scaling the distances back but I don't know how much longer we can hold her off, especially now that she has a copy of our training schedule.

We did a scaled back run on the T'railway on Friday. Paula still wants to run from Coffee Matters to Tim's, but we convinced her to do Piper's to Tim's instead. She seemed okay with it, for now. There were seven of us - myself and the girls, Sugar, Marc and New Mike. We all started out together but after about one second the guys pulled ahead and left us in the dust.

Eventually Paula and Lori pulled ahead and myself and Renee fell into a comfortable pace of our own. We chatted away like we usually do, discussing politics and the current list of names released with the Panama Papers.

Or maybe it was how many Kit Kat bars we could get at Lawton's for $5.00.

At about kilometer six, Renee started to feel drained. I had the perfect solution:

From the look on her face when I told her I had a Rice Krispie Cookie in my fuel belt, I figured I'd be safest if I just handed it over and backed away. I'm pretty sure the lady walking her dog who passed us on the trail thought we were out on a day pass.

We eventually finished the run and joined the others in Tim's for a hot beverage. The problem with going to a donut shop after a run is you want to eat all the donuts. ALL OF THEM. Especially the ones with coconut. Or maybe just a pulled pork sandwich.

But we all behaved and just had coffee and tea, which was really sucky. Not the coffee and tea, just the fact that we didn't stuff our faces with sugary goodness. That's what I get for running with people who are trying to be healthy. 

Overall it was a good run and even though my legs were sore the next day, I'm looking forward to our next long run which is the Harbour Front 10K this weekend. I'll be the one feeding Renee cookies.

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